Christina Grant, PhD

“Dr. Grant is an exceptional, unique being whose gifts and abilities are healing and transformative on all levels. Her deep inner wisdom combined with her kind, open heart offers a fresh perspective in all situations. She continually guides individuals to their own inner truth in a gentle and empowering way. Dr. Grant is amazing and neither labels nor words do her or her sessions justice. You have to experience it for yourself.” Melissa C. Upland, CA

“Christina’s work is more of what is needed in this day and age.” Chris New York, NY

“Christina Grant’s nontraditional approach to counseling goes beyond systematic theories to the core of the issue. Her unique gift of discovering blocked energy within one’s body is amazing to experience on both a physical and spiritual level. Dedicated to healing, her presence is one of comfort and knowledge.” Kate Balderas, Counselor and Author Pacific Grove, CA

“My sessions with Christina are awesome! I always feel like I’m walking on air afterward. I also appreciate all the information and resources she provides me.” Mary G. San Diego, CA

“Everyone needs a Dr. Grant in their life the same way we need a dentist or an eye doctor.” Ashley Stone, Colorado

“Dr. Christina Grant offers powerful insight to the heart of the issues. I learned how seemingly separate threads of my life were connected. She helped to turn those threads into a tapestry of deeper understanding for me. I see my life from a whole new perspective of appreciation and meaning.” Lisa Hogan, Health Advocate, Researcher, and Founder of Harmony in Living Lutherville, MD

“I have had really good sessions with Christina. Beforehand I usually feel depleted, but afterward I feel so much better. I always have positive things to ponder after speaking with her. She really knows how to get to the heart of the matter quickly. I haven’t had that experience with other counselors.” R. L. Sacramento, CA

“Christina is truly a delightful lady who has opened my eyes and soul to another dimension that makes more sense than this one. I forward her writing to my friends around the country. I want to see if I can get them to see things from a slightly different perspective!” Marian, Los Angeles, CA

“I worked with Christina after some major life changes. Her approach to healing was exactly what I needed. She has an innate gift to blend a therapeutic ear with a spiritual soul. It is an amazing combination that brought me wonderful personal rewards.” Jason, Petaluma, CA

“Her casual demeanor sort of fooled me at first. This calm, gentle person takes what I say in stride, but underneath the surface is some powerful stuff going on. I couldn’t believe how quickly we got to the root of some things that had been haunting me for years.” Mary T. Santa Cruz, CA

“Christina Grant is the real deal. She is unruffled by the dark side of life. Her strong yet gentle spirit simply guides you toward your soul’s perfect path. I see her influence in the lives of my patients with whom she has shared her gift of healing. Her grace, knowledge, and wisdom will help you reclaim your own personal power.” Gina Renee, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM) – Monterey, CA. Author of Wellness for Women – A Guide to Natural Health, Beauty and Well Being

“Dr. Christina Grant is a remarkable energy healer and all-round amazing woman! She helped me so much before and after my surgeries and I am forever grateful for her love, caring, and expertise. If you haven’t had a chance to experience her work, give yourself a remarkable gift and do so.” Rosemary L. Monterey, CA

“It was a pleasure to meet someone so knowledgeable, effective, and well-spoken in the area of energy healing.”
D.P. Pacific Grove, CA

“Dr Grant’s work is gentle, yet extremely powerful, and is invaluable for anyone who chooses to take that step towards a deeper self-awareness and an evolution of consciousness. She offers a compassionate hand and a warm, safe environment to those who are ready and willing to take the journey inward, welcoming them home when they emerge.” Robyn J. Auburn, CA

“If you have any inkling of doing any of Christina’s classes or seeing her individually, I encourage you to do that. She is graceful, gentle, grounded, oozes safety, and understands on more levels than you can count.” Ann Kirby, President EnnCourage, Inc. Baltimore, MD