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Mercury Retrograde November 6 to November 26, 2012


Mercury’s domain is the mind, perception, education, and transportation. When going along as normal, it helps us think and communicate. The retrograde period, which lasts around 21 days and occurs 3-4 times every year, doesn’t mean the planet reverses its orbit, but it seems to from our vantage point. Mercury appears to initially slow down, stop, then go backwards.

This apparent retrograde motion affects our lives. Mercury retrograde is blamed for malfunctioning computers, derailed plans, delays, and confused communications. You’ll find people mixing up appointments, arriving late or early, or forgetting things altogether.

Unusual things can happen during the retrograde, and Mercury is already known as the “Trickster.” He seems to enjoy watching people slip on banana peels. In January 2009, President Obama had to re-do the oath of office. Mercury was retrograde the first time around. And the health bill that needed revising again and again? It was introduced during Mercury retrograde. The President isn’t using an astrologer, apparently. What about the unsuccessful Facebook IPO? Mercury retrograde. Obviously Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have an astrologer, either. It’s ancient wisdom to wait on final agreements and official introductions until Mercury turns direct.

Ideally, a retrograde period is for review. It’s the perfect time to ponder or research a major purchase or document, or revise something you’ve been working on. The mind wants to rest from its normal push forward and take time to reflect. Otherwise, we can experience frustration, misunderstandings, and confusion.

If going with the flow, we would be introspective and meditative during this time. However, we are generally out of touch with these natural rhythms. Most of us will soon be busy with Thanksgiving holiday plans. How to handle this period with little or no upset? Take it slow and be more patient than usual. This isn’t a time for doing things at the last minute. Double check travel plans. Allow extra time to get places, to complete projects, and make preparations. Keep in mind that everyone needs a mental rest right now, but is not necessarily getting one, so offering people your understanding would be helpful.

Check to be sure what you say is understood. It’s not a time for assumptions. It’s the ideal time to back up your computer files, as things have a way of simply disappearing. As for the elections occurring today, we’ll have to wait and see what the Trickster has in store for the U.S. There will likely be some “re-dos” on the horizon.

A Few of My Favorite Healing Teas

Herbal TeaEvery morning when I wake up, one of the first things I think about is what kind of tea I want. I know many people think of coffee first thing, but I already wake up with my mind buzzing full speed ahead at 6:00am and coffee on top of that sets my nerves on edge. Nowadays, as I head full throttle into the menopausal years, I avoid green tea too. The caffeine is too much and I can’t sleep well if I’ve had any. So as the sun rises, and sometimes before it appears, I make tea from various herbs (or fruit or roots) to appease my spirit and begin the day. Here are a few of my favorites healing teas along with some of their health benefits.

gingerFresh Ginger ~ settles the stomach and is being researched as a cancer preventative. Use a piece about an inch long from raw ginger root. Chop and put into a cup. Add hot water and a little honey.

Mint ~ settles the stomach but also smells and tastes fantastic. I go out and pick my own from the yard where it grows like a weed. Crush a few leaves and place them into a cup. Pour hot water over, and voila!

Rooibos ~ aids digestion and prevents free radical damage, helping to keep your body’s cells normal. I purchase this at my local natural foods store.

Blue Violet LeafBlue Violet ~ has been used for thousands of years as a blood purifier. It is linked to the reduction of malignancies in the body. These days, who wouldn’t want something like this?

Green tea ~ I must add it because I love it even though it contributes to a few sleepless menopausal moments. Many studies have demonstrated the effects of green tea as a cancer preventative. Loose-leaf organic green tea is best. Tea bags generally contain lower quality tea, so go for loose-leaf if you can.

Dandelion ~ helps digestion, purifies the blood, and supports the liver. Yep, that little weed… but I order a large bag of dandelion leaf from www.mountainroseherbs.com.

nettlesNettles ~ my daily favorite, nettles has been used for centuries. Like blue violet, it’s a powerful blood purifier. I often pour boiling water over dandelion mixed with nettles and make a vitamin-rich infusion by steeping the leaves for several hours in a glass jar. Nettles can be cultivated in your yard, but I haven’t done this yet. Maybe one day when I have a gardening assistant, because there’s a reason their called “stinging nettles.” I still get mine from www.mountainroseherbs.com.

Tulsi ~ sometimes called Holy Basil, the wonderful side effects of drinking Tulsi tea are its adaptogenic effects. In other words, it supports your body, mind, and emotions to better adapt to stress. It strengthens you in the face of stressful circumstances. This is one I get from the local natural foods store.

LemonsLemon ~ especially mid-winter when people around you are sniffing and sneezing, lemon tea with a little honey is a good choice. It helps alkalize and hydrate your body and assist your liver to function more efficiently. If you have a cold, simmer it with chopped raw garlic and cayenne. Drink several cups during the day.

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