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Self-Healing with Energy

lightThe earth offers us food, clothing, and shelter, and it also offers healing energy. The idea of drawing healing energy from the earth might sound odd, but when we connect deeply with the earth and either imagine, sense, or hold the intention to fill ourselves up with its energy and light, a natural balancing occurs within us. We become more serene physically, mentally, and emotionally.

One method you can use is to stand tall and imagine roots extending from your feet, anchoring you deep into the earth. A more powerful and healing way to do this is to stand barefoot on the ground. Feel the bottoms of your feet connecting to the living planet beneath you.

Another way is to imagine dropping an anchor of light into the center of the earth extending down from the base of your spine. Then, imagine drawing bright light energy up from the earth into your body. Alternatively, sit on the ground, “drop anchor,” and absorb earth energy upward into your body.

Just as you can pull energy up from the earth, you can also pour light into yourself from above. Simply visualize light pouring into you. It can be golden, blue, green, silver, or whatever color you imagine. See or sense it as energized, refined, and uplifting, filling your entire body.

These practices can be used by anyone regardless of their beliefs. Whatever your image is of God, the universal awareness, or even if you don’t consider yourself to be spiritually connected at all, you can use light and energy from the earth to heal and balance you on many levels.

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from EMFs

Lack of clarity about the potential adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our environment causes anxiety and concern for many. EMFs have have been linked to cancer, but it’s also difficult for scientists to accurately measure our exposure to TVs, cell phones, wireless gadgets, computers, wifi, and appliances and then associate it with illness.

There is now enough data about the long-term health affects of power plants, power lines, and transmitters to warn us that our dependence on electricity, electronics, and wireless data can have health consequences. Long-term chronic exposure to wifi is becoming a health problem.

Whether they definitively cause cancer or not, EMFs do affect your personal energy field. Your energy field is sensitive and reacts to other energy fields. In the world of energy healing, it’s best that your energy field be as clear and healthy as possible for your overall wellbeing. The good news is you can protect yourself from EMFs during the day and at night when you’re asleep. Here are 5 things you can do that will cut down on your exposure.

1. Stay at least three feet away from appliances when they’re running. Although they’re not the healthy choice, if you use a microwave, move away from it when it’s on. Three feet is the distance at which most scientists say the EMF from an appliance diminishes.

2. Move electronics away from your bed, including electric clocks and cordless phones. Don’t sleep under an electric blanket or use electric heating pads.

3. When possible, replace box spring mattresses and metal bed frames with non-metal alternatives. Scientists have researched geopathic stress, including the effect of sleeping on metal. They say it’s like sleeping on an antenna or radio amplifier, which can affect the physical body. Studies have shown that people who sleep on box springs and metal bed frames have higher rates of breast cancer than those who don’t.

4. Turn off electronics before you go to bed and don’t have a TV where you sleep. It’s tempting to go to bed with a computer gadget or cell phone nearby while watching the late shows on TV, but it’s not a healthy practice.

5. Turn off all wifi in the house when it’s not in use, and especially when sleeping. Wifi on all the time and particularly at night is considered long-term chronic exposure.

The Healing Power of Art

Jim Dine, artist. "Four Hearts" 1969

Jim Dine, artist. “Four Hearts” 1969

Creativity can be deeply healing. A wise colleague told me that in his 30 years as a healer he never saw a person with growths in the body who didn’t also have repressed creativity. This makes sense. We are born to create. Whether we design, invent, paint, draw, color, write, sculpt, build, weave, bake, or tend a garden, creative energy needs an outlet. Let’s talk about the healing power of art.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed but is changed from one form to another. The energy inherent in the desire to create is given outward expression and transformed into a song, a garden, a new deck, a soup. We don’t have to think of creativity only in the form of art such as painting. When we watch children they show us a variety of creative expression. Maybe you pushed your creativity aside as you grew older, but your ability to create something new is still there.

When creativity is held inside it’s like a stream blocked by a dam. The water has no place to go. When a stream is blocked, it changes into a puddle or a pond. There isn’t any forward movement, only stagnation. What if the same thing happens in the human body when creativity has no place to go? Since creativity can be seen as energy, a force desirous of movement, what happens when it’s blocked? Could it contribute to growths in the body?

Do you remember a time when you created effortlessly? What did you love? Colored pencils, fabric, paint, clay, daydreaming, crayons, crafts, yarn, dirt, plants, and flowers? Take a moment to remind yourself of all the ways you loved to create. Which of these could you begin again?

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