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Welcome to the Holistic Woman Blog!

I’m happy to be starting my new Holistic Woman blog today to share information with you about holistic health and wellbeing. There are many reasons to view your life from a holistic perspective. You’ll feel better, heal more fully, find underlying reasons for imbalances or disease, settle your emotions, have better relationships, create peace of mind, and nourish your soul.

The world is one large vibrational force and everything in this world has its own vibration. This means you have your own unique vibration and so do I. Like vibrations attract other like vibrations. When we know this, it becomes difficult to deny that your personal vibration at any given moment attracts your experiences to you, whether you like them or not.

You can alter your vibration so you attract what you want to see in your life, whether it is greater harmony in your relationships, a healthier body, inner peace, better sleep, more love, or even a better financial future. We begin by viewing you as what you are: a beautiful, whole being whose body, mind, emotions, and spirit want to flow together in a natural vibration of harmony. When you experience emotional upset, disease, pain, or other symptoms, that’s your cue to focus on bringing yourself back into holistic balance.

I’m a big advocate for taking responsibility for how we feel and how we respond to life. Now is the moment to step into your power more fully. That old helpless victim paradigm is dying out. It’s from a different consciousness that is fading fast and there isn’t a foundation anymore to support it. The new foundation is more mature and balanced, with a powerful feminine presence.

As soon as you decide to be in charge of your own wellbeing, when you honor your wholeness and pay attention to your entire self, when you begin to listen to deeper messages that tell you how to adjust your life to make yourself happier and healthier, you’re vibration will begin to shift. You will have taken a big step toward becoming a more empowered human being. Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.