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Connecting with Spirit Guides

I’m frequently asked how to connect with spirit guides. More people than you might realize want to have divine guidance, especially when it’s individually tailored to their own life path. Many people I work with have benefited from connecting with spirit guides. These guides don’t intervene until you ask, except in the case of your Guardian Angel. This angel makes sure your path is in alignment with your Higher Self and the blueprint for your life.

You might feel you have to manage life yourself, but you can hand a lot over to spirit guidance. Connecting with a guide brings relief, inner peace, and a feeling that life is not being lived alone. The guide can work on behalf of your healing, giving you answers and reassurance. It goes forth into the world on your behalf.

Sometimes spirit guides come in meditation. When your mind is very quiet, one will just slip in and you find perhaps it’s been there all along, waiting for you to get quiet enough to listen. You can also connect with a spirit guide by asking for it to come in. However, it’s still beneficial to be in a meditative state. Get quiet, calm your thoughts, and ask your highest guides to show themselves to you. If this proves difficult to do on your own, an energy healer or intuitive healer will help you make the connection.

Here are a few requests you might bring to your guide (or guides).

Please make the decision clear for me.
Please bring me greater inner peace.
Please make the right path clear.
Please help my body, mind, and spirit be in a state of balance and ease.
Please help me go with the flow of life.
Please guide me to a place of deeper well-being.
Please show me what I need to know to get beyond this… (fill in the blank).
Please make this process quick and easy for me.
Please let me know you are listening to me.
Please help me walk through life with strength.
If this decision/person/situation is not right for me, please give me a clear sign.
Please give me clarity of mind, strength of spirit, and physical vitality.

Renew Yourself in 20 Minutes with a Salt Bath

girl in bathYou can clear your mind, relax your muscles, de-stress, press your personal reset button, and emerge renewed by soaking for 20 minutes in a salt bath. The tightness in your neck and shoulders will dissolve away, you’ll have a cleaner aura, and you’ll get the added benefit of clearing toxins from your body as the salt water draws toxins out of your skin.

You can add baking soda and lavender essential oil if you want to increase the detoxifying and relaxation benefits of your bath. Sometimes I even pour in a little apple cider vinegar, which helps to restore the skin’s pH balance.

Immersing your body into saltwater is an easy way to cleanse your energy field while reducing muscle tension. It’s particularly helpful when you feel overwhelmed, hurt by something that happened during the day, your mind is busy, or if you feel out of sorts. The bath is truly holistic, relieving physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Some people like to rinse off in the shower after the bath to remove salt residue, but whether you rinse afterward or not, don’t stay in the bath longer than 20 minutes, as this is when you will start reabsorbing the toxins that your body has just released into the water.

Recipe for Salt Bath

1 cup to ½ box Epsom salts
Very warm water in a clean tub
Use a bath ball to filter your bathwater so you don’t soak in chlorine (google “bath ball faucet filter”)


1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 handful sea salt
8-10 drops essential oil such as lavender (or rosemary if you’re mentally fatigued)
1 handful baking soda

Remain in the tub for 20 minutes. Don’t reuse the water.

Afterward, be sure to drink plenty of extra water to re-hydrate.

A Few of My Favorite Healing Teas

Herbal TeaEvery morning when I wake up, one of the first things I think about is what kind of tea I want. I know many people think of coffee first thing, but I already wake up with my mind buzzing full speed ahead at 6:00am and coffee on top of that sets my nerves on edge. Nowadays, as I head full throttle into the menopausal years, I avoid green tea too. The caffeine is too much and I can’t sleep well if I’ve had any. So as the sun rises, and sometimes before it appears, I make tea from various herbs (or fruit or roots) to appease my spirit and begin the day. Here are a few of my favorites healing teas along with some of their health benefits.

gingerFresh Ginger ~ settles the stomach and is being researched as a cancer preventative. Use a piece about an inch long from raw ginger root. Chop and put into a cup. Add hot water and a little honey.

Mint ~ settles the stomach but also smells and tastes fantastic. I go out and pick my own from the yard where it grows like a weed. Crush a few leaves and place them into a cup. Pour hot water over, and voila!

Rooibos ~ aids digestion and prevents free radical damage, helping to keep your body’s cells normal. I purchase this at my local natural foods store.

Blue Violet LeafBlue Violet ~ has been used for thousands of years as a blood purifier. It is linked to the reduction of malignancies in the body. These days, who wouldn’t want something like this?

Green tea ~ I must add it because I love it even though it contributes to a few sleepless menopausal moments. Many studies have demonstrated the effects of green tea as a cancer preventative. Loose-leaf organic green tea is best. Tea bags generally contain lower quality tea, so go for loose-leaf if you can.

Dandelion ~ helps digestion, purifies the blood, and supports the liver. Yep, that little weed… but I order a large bag of dandelion leaf from www.mountainroseherbs.com.

nettlesNettles ~ my daily favorite, nettles has been used for centuries. Like blue violet, it’s a powerful blood purifier. I often pour boiling water over dandelion mixed with nettles and make a vitamin-rich infusion by steeping the leaves for several hours in a glass jar. Nettles can be cultivated in your yard, but I haven’t done this yet. Maybe one day when I have a gardening assistant, because there’s a reason their called “stinging nettles.” I still get mine from www.mountainroseherbs.com.

Tulsi ~ sometimes called Holy Basil, the wonderful side effects of drinking Tulsi tea are its adaptogenic effects. In other words, it supports your body, mind, and emotions to better adapt to stress. It strengthens you in the face of stressful circumstances. This is one I get from the local natural foods store.

LemonsLemon ~ especially mid-winter when people around you are sniffing and sneezing, lemon tea with a little honey is a good choice. It helps alkalize and hydrate your body and assist your liver to function more efficiently. If you have a cold, simmer it with chopped raw garlic and cayenne. Drink several cups during the day.

The Healing Power of Art

Jim Dine, artist. "Four Hearts" 1969

Jim Dine, artist. “Four Hearts” 1969

Creativity can be deeply healing. A wise colleague told me that in his 30 years as a healer he never saw a person with growths in the body who didn’t also have repressed creativity. This makes sense. We are born to create. Whether we design, invent, paint, draw, color, write, sculpt, build, weave, bake, or tend a garden, creative energy needs an outlet. Let’s talk about the healing power of art.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed but is changed from one form to another. The energy inherent in the desire to create is given outward expression and transformed into a song, a garden, a new deck, a soup. We don’t have to think of creativity only in the form of art such as painting. When we watch children they show us a variety of creative expression. Maybe you pushed your creativity aside as you grew older, but your ability to create something new is still there.

When creativity is held inside it’s like a stream blocked by a dam. The water has no place to go. When a stream is blocked, it changes into a puddle or a pond. There isn’t any forward movement, only stagnation. What if the same thing happens in the human body when creativity has no place to go? Since creativity can be seen as energy, a force desirous of movement, what happens when it’s blocked? Could it contribute to growths in the body?

Do you remember a time when you created effortlessly? What did you love? Colored pencils, fabric, paint, clay, daydreaming, crayons, crafts, yarn, dirt, plants, and flowers? Take a moment to remind yourself of all the ways you loved to create. Which of these could you begin again?

Welcome to the Holistic Woman Blog!

I’m happy to be starting my new Holistic Woman blog today to share information with you about holistic health and wellbeing. There are many reasons to view your life from a holistic perspective. You’ll feel better, heal more fully, find underlying reasons for imbalances or disease, settle your emotions, have better relationships, create peace of mind, and nourish your soul.

The world is one large vibrational force and everything in this world has its own vibration. This means you have your own unique vibration and so do I. Like vibrations attract other like vibrations. When we know this, it becomes difficult to deny that your personal vibration at any given moment attracts your experiences to you, whether you like them or not.

You can alter your vibration so you attract what you want to see in your life, whether it is greater harmony in your relationships, a healthier body, inner peace, better sleep, more love, or even a better financial future. We begin by viewing you as what you are: a beautiful, whole being whose body, mind, emotions, and spirit want to flow together in a natural vibration of harmony. When you experience emotional upset, disease, pain, or other symptoms, that’s your cue to focus on bringing yourself back into holistic balance.

I’m a big advocate for taking responsibility for how we feel and how we respond to life. Now is the moment to step into your power more fully. That old helpless victim paradigm is dying out. It’s from a different consciousness that is fading fast and there isn’t a foundation anymore to support it. The new foundation is more mature and balanced, with a powerful feminine presence.

As soon as you decide to be in charge of your own wellbeing, when you honor your wholeness and pay attention to your entire self, when you begin to listen to deeper messages that tell you how to adjust your life to make yourself happier and healthier, you’re vibration will begin to shift. You will have taken a big step toward becoming a more empowered human being. Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

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