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Today is the Perfect Day to Expand Love

grand sextileI know it sounds cliche. The word “love” is carelessly tossed around and many of us have become anesthetized to it’s meaning. But whatever it means to you, today is the perfect day to meditate on expanding your own personal expression of it. It’s a day of opportunity. The cosmos are on your side.

At this moment, the stars are aligned to assist you through a mystical portal of love. We have a special planetary alignment today creating a Star of David in the sky ~ two triangles intersecting to form a Diamond Tetrahedron.

The planets involved in this alignment are creating potential for great advancement in our “heart brains.” It’s an opportunity to take responsibility for our heart energy and how it’s expressed. It’s a time of healing old wounds, hurts, betrayals, the times you didn’t get what you thought you needed, and all those negative energies clung to for the sake of strength and power ~ this is the time to address them, to admit they cause unlovingness and pain, and to call in the higher forces of love.

There are two things I’m doing and I hope you’ll do them too:

  1. Ponder your openness and availability to receive loving energy from others. Recognize the pain humans feel when the love they offer, in whatever way they offer it, is not received. Consider allowing yourself to absorb the love given you and let it lift you up.
  2. Tune into your willingness to let love flow freely from you, without conditions or expectations of return. Breathe healing green light into your heart center. Soften your shoulders, chest, facial muscles, and all that useless defensive armor. Make an agreement to be someone who love flows easily into, through, and out from.

Today is the day, which doesn’t mean tomorrow you can’t do it. But we’ve got a portal operating in our favor right now. If nothing else, take a moment to breathe into your heart center and ask, “Can I let more love flow, without fear and defense?” I believe the answer is yes.

Take Advantage of the New Moon Friday, January 11

Marv Bondarowicz photo/The Oregonian

Marv Bondarowicz photo/The Oregonian

The darkest moon is called “new” although it’s actually “new” once we see it’s light again. But a “new moon” has come to mean when the moon is completely dark once a month, which will be tomorrow.

Tomorrow ~ Friday, January 11th at 11:45 am PST ~ is the new moon moment. But don’t be too concerned about the exact time. I consider the new moon phase to last around 3 days.

So what of the new moon? If you’re aware, you’ll notice a natural sense of going within, coming home, curling up and being quieter than usual. (Note the opposite effect when the moon is full ~ activity increases.) The night sky is at its darkest, providing the perfect environment for deep meditation and contemplation.

If you like to set goals, use the new moon phase to clarify what you’d like to see happen in your life. Make a list, draw it out, sketch it, make a collage of it, but definitely don’t let the new moon pass you by without focusing your thoughts on something you’d like to bring into your life. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t have to make goals of building an empire. Just focus your attention on what you’d like to see more of in your own world. Or perhaps an inner quality you’d like to cultivate. Long list or short ~ it doesn’t matter. Just use the energy to your benefit.

As for tomorrow’s new moon, we’ve got the practicality and no-nonsense mindset of Capricorn, the sign it will be in. It’s not a mystical or flighty moon, but serious and down-to-earth. I’m thinking of setting up a new meditation/yoga/exercise schedule as part of my manifestation list of this new moon because I want to use the practical energy to help me focus on my wellness.

So, what will you focus on bringing into your life during this moon phase? Write it down, even if on a little piece of scratch paper, and then let it go to be handled by this next moon phase. And don’t forget to allow yourself a little inward quiet time. By doing so, you’ll be in the natural flow of things.

Last full moon of 2012 is Friday, December 28

moonThe final full moon of this rather momentous and expectation-filled year is upon us and will be at 7 degrees of Cancer in the wee morning hours (PST) on Friday, December 28.

This is a relevant full moon, more so than usual, because it creates a dynamic aspect between the Uranus-Pluto square. The Sun will join Pluto in Capricorn, both will be in opposition to this full moon in Cancer, and adding in a bit of intrigue and the unexpected will be a square by Uranus (creating a dynamic T-square).

The full moon in Cancer can be an emotional one, bringing up issues of security, home, and family. This particular full moon I expect emotions might run higher than normal, as the moon gets right in there and decides to mingle directly with the ongoing revolutionary interplay of Uranus and Pluto. This week and through the weekend is a good time to make yourself cozy and warm at home, nurture yourself, and perhaps take a look at areas of your life that are cold, severe, and not nourishing, in order to bring more balance and healing into your life.

Those of us with prominent Cardinal signs between 4-8 degrees (or so) will feel this in our lives more so than others, particularly since we’ve been undergoing the energies of Pluto and Uranus for some time now. This would include Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Libra folks who are likely experiencing extraordinary changes on deep levels, which may or may not be obvious until it’s already happened. It’s an exciting and interesting time, made more interesting by the upcoming full moon.

Since we are entering an era when feminine energy is emerging in a new way, I would expect to see issues around women’s rights, mothering, nurturance, and care-taking emerge during this full Cancer moon. I’ll be in silent retreat during it, unplugged and news-free, but will be interested to see what transpired in this regard after I return. Meanwhile, full moon blessings and Happy New Year.

Astrology: Fearful or Divine?

Astrological Wheel, Chartres

Astrological Wheel, Chartres

Even in my relatively open-minded community in coastal California, someone recently told me she was warned about the devilish nature of astrology. I rarely hear such things from the people who work with me. Those who know nothing about astrology soon see its value and the role it has in illuminating our lives. But there still exists the perpetuation of ideas from centuries ago that were based on human fears. Spreading these fears served to keep the masses under control.

Tapping into the rhythms and vibrations of planetary bodies in our solar system is a way to connect with our natural world. I’ve been interested in how the planets affect our lives since I was eight years old — that’s 40 years — and I haven’t come across anything sinister in either my studies or my practice. On the contrary, I’ve found doorways to higher wisdom, inner peace, and solace. It is a tool that helps access your personal power and connect you with your Higher Power, in whatever way you choose. Astrology is fascinating and rich, having to do with the beauty and harmony of the natural world.

Astrology was used in the early church (some European churches still have astrological symbolism carved into their interiors). It acquired a negative association as Christianity expanded. That was a time of great tension and suspicion between the church and the people. Astrology was banned in some places and condemned as a tool of witchcraft. However, it didn’t die out fully because people were unable to dismiss or ignore the knowledge that planets affect our lives on earth. If earth’s relatively tiny moon alters ocean tides, how can it be that much larger bodies have no impact? I’ve been following the effect of the planets almost my whole life, and they certainly do have a say in our lives. There isn’t anything sinister about it. It’s simply nature.

Mercury Retrograde November 6 to November 26, 2012


Mercury’s domain is the mind, perception, education, and transportation. When going along as normal, it helps us think and communicate. The retrograde period, which lasts around 21 days and occurs 3-4 times every year, doesn’t mean the planet reverses its orbit, but it seems to from our vantage point. Mercury appears to initially slow down, stop, then go backwards.

This apparent retrograde motion affects our lives. Mercury retrograde is blamed for malfunctioning computers, derailed plans, delays, and confused communications. You’ll find people mixing up appointments, arriving late or early, or forgetting things altogether.

Unusual things can happen during the retrograde, and Mercury is already known as the “Trickster.” He seems to enjoy watching people slip on banana peels. In January 2009, President Obama had to re-do the oath of office. Mercury was retrograde the first time around. And the health bill that needed revising again and again? It was introduced during Mercury retrograde. The President isn’t using an astrologer, apparently. What about the unsuccessful Facebook IPO? Mercury retrograde. Obviously Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have an astrologer, either. It’s ancient wisdom to wait on final agreements and official introductions until Mercury turns direct.

Ideally, a retrograde period is for review. It’s the perfect time to ponder or research a major purchase or document, or revise something you’ve been working on. The mind wants to rest from its normal push forward and take time to reflect. Otherwise, we can experience frustration, misunderstandings, and confusion.

If going with the flow, we would be introspective and meditative during this time. However, we are generally out of touch with these natural rhythms. Most of us will soon be busy with Thanksgiving holiday plans. How to handle this period with little or no upset? Take it slow and be more patient than usual. This isn’t a time for doing things at the last minute. Double check travel plans. Allow extra time to get places, to complete projects, and make preparations. Keep in mind that everyone needs a mental rest right now, but is not necessarily getting one, so offering people your understanding would be helpful.

Check to be sure what you say is understood. It’s not a time for assumptions. It’s the ideal time to back up your computer files, as things have a way of simply disappearing. As for the elections occurring today, we’ll have to wait and see what the Trickster has in store for the U.S. There will likely be some “re-dos” on the horizon.