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It’s time to approach breast dis-ease from a deeply nourishing, truly healing perspective…

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Explore the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disharmony at the root of breast dis-ease with timely, practical suggestions and methods for healing you won’t hear at your doctor’s office. In my book The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer I encourage and support you to listen to the underlying messages that come with breast cancer so you can thrive beyond it.

  • Create a healthy cellular environment in your body
  • Boost your immunity (and why it’s important)
  • What foods are best for healing
  • Protect yourself from toxins
  • Use the power of your mind to heal
  • Balance your inner emotional world
  • Connect to your Higher Self
  • Subtle energies and how they can help you recover and maintain your health
  • Food supplements and vitamins for optimum breast health
  • Plus, many helpful resources

You’ll be gently led to heal and strengthen yourself in body, mind, and spirit. Workbook-style sections allow you to “take a moment for yourself” to reflect and deepen the inquiry. This is a wonderful guide for every woman who has experienced a diagnosis of breast cancer or wants to prevent one, and for women who want to claim responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer: Every Woman’s Guide to Health, Vitality, & Wellbeing will teach you to prevent a cancer diagnosis, recover your health and strength after a diagnosis, and become more centered, balanced, and inwardly content along the way.

Order one for yourself and give a copy to your sister, daughter, mother, aunt, friends, coworkers, or others who’ve been touched by breast dis-ease.

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