Milk: Does it Do a Body Good?

Miss Dairy CowMilk: Does it do a body good? The milk issue is a tough one for those of us wanting to eat healthier. Today’s milk is full of substances that don’t “do a body good” despite what we’ve been told.

Cows naturally produce the amount of milk necessary to raise their calves. But conventional farmers give cows hormones to make them grow quickly, put on more weight, and in the case of dairy cows, produce more milk. These cows are fed drugs and antibiotics to insure they do not get sick from their deplorable crowded living conditions and feed, even though they often get sick anyway. Who wouldn’t? They are given a diet of genetically-modified (GMO) pesticide-laden grains. This is a cheap way to fatten them up but it is not their natural diet (which is grass). As a result, their digestion is very poor so they are given pharmaceutical drugs to help with their digestive distress.

Lactating mammals, including women, excrete toxins such as antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals, and hormones through their breast milk. All packaged foods that contain traces of milk (including yogurt, ice cream, and cheese) also contain the hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and remnants of the GMO grains the cows were fed. The extra hormones you eat from these foods begin acting like hormones in your body, causing imbalances that can lead to disease.

Our country supplies an abundance of food, but for the most part the food supply is out of touch and out of sync with nature. Eating foods from poorly treated animals given hormones, drugs, and poor quality GMO grain lacks integrity on many levels. To learn more, check out Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma and also Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.

Milk seems to be in everything and nearly impossible to avoid when buying pre-made foods, or when eating out and traveling, but it can be avoided if you plan ahead. If you want to continue eating cheese, yogurt, and other milk products, always choose organic. This will help protect you from ingesting the numerous toxins that can harm your health.

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