About my work and philosophy from an interview with Ashley Asti

Once in a while, someone emerges who says, "Hey, what is it you're up to in life? It sure looks interesting!" This happened to me recently when entrepreneur, activist, and writer Ashley Asti contacted me after finding my book.What I love about this world of technology we now find ourselves in, is anyone in the world can instantly connect with someone else, just like that. So when Ashley wrote and asked if she could interview me, I of course said yes. I found her to be articulate, thoughtful, Read the rest [...]

The Laughing Heart

      your life is your lifedon’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.be on the watch.there are ways out.there is a light somewhere.it may not be much light butit beats the darkness.be on the watch.the gods will offer you chances.know them.take them.you can’t beat death butyou can beat death in life, sometimes.and the more often you learn to do it,the more light there will be.your Read the rest [...]

70 Blog Posts

My "dashboard" tells me I've got exactly 70 blog posts on my little Holistic Woman blog. The topics range from inner peace to vitality, from breast health to general women's health, from finding balance to protecting yourself from wifi, from organic foods to recipes, and from releasing toxins to embracing joy.So, I'm going to take a breather from my regular posting to focus on a book project I've been thinking about for awhile. Feel free to look through the 70 posts that are here. They Read the rest [...]

Bestseller List Book Review & Giveaway

A while back I met a wonderfully innovative woman named Diana Ross who is the cofounder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Diana also founded a community-based forum called "Breast Cancer Authority" and I'm an occasional contributor to the Breast Cancer Authority Blog.Currently, the Breast Cancer Authority site is featuring my book, The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer in a bestseller list book review and giveaway. This is a fun way to share the book with people, it's a way for you to win a Read the rest [...]

How to Use a Castor Oil Pack

Information about castor oil packs came from the intuitive readings of Edgar Cayce in the early part of the 20th century. In these readings, he recommended the application of castor oil for various ailments. For example, the packs are used on the liver to help with detoxification, the abdomen for digestive complaints, the uterus for fibroids, and on the breasts to help dissolve growths.Castor oil is made up of a triglyceride of fatty acids, 90% of which is ricinoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty Read the rest [...]

Mysteries, Yes

Mysteries, YesTruly, we live with mysteries too marvelous to be understood.How grass can be nourishing in the mouths of the lambs.How rivers and stones are forever in allegiance with gravity while we ourselves dream of rising.How two hands touch and the bonds will never be broken.How people come, from delight or the scars of damage, to the comfort of a poem.Let me keep my distance, always, from those who think they have the answers.Let me keep company always with Read the rest [...]

It’s Earth Day! What Can We Do?

It's been 44 years since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 and millions of people have been taught to protect our environment. Despite this, pollution and disregard of the planet has reached a truly disturbing level.During an interesting but challenging moment in my life about 15 years ago, I temporarily moved from San Diego to Boston. The culture shock was stunning, but the biggest impact the cultural differences made on me was Boston's lack of recycling. In a town full to the brim with Read the rest [...]

11 Ways to Navigate through Stressful Times

Life has stressful times as a norm, but right now some of us are feeling a more intense squeeze. Feelings of discomfort, unease, and vague anxiety can be constant. Some are feeling great intensity while others are simply riding the waves of expansion and growth, excited to see where they're going but longing for guidance to navigate the new terrain.The underlying theme of the day is we're being forced to change from within by letting go of old, outdated, now-useless ways of being and allowing Read the rest [...]

The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer Featured

My book The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer is the topic of an article published last week in the Santa Cruz Weekly. Of course I have to tell you about it.Written by local wellness reporter Maria Grusauskas after a personal interview, the article forced me into another level of acceptance that it's okay for people to hear about some personal business. I'm not totally comfortable with my brush with the other side being laid bare, but I wrote about a personal subject with the intention of sharing Read the rest [...]

Gourmet Vegetarian Dining in Palo Alto

Every week for the past 27 years chef Gary Alinder has prepared a delicious gourmet vegetarian dinner for the community in Palo Alto, California. Associated with the Peninsula Macrobiotic Community, the dinner is $15 and includes soup, grain, beans or bean products, vegetables, dessert, and a beverage such as tea.What's lovely about this is that anyone from anywhere is invited. You can be local or simply visiting the Bay Area from anywhere in the world and stop in for the best vegetarian/vegan Read the rest [...]
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