7 Ways to Get Grounded (& Why It’s Important)

groundingIn a state of ungroundedness you can be easily influenced by others, experience injuries and accidents, foggy thinking, and emotional states like anxiety, worry, and irritability.

Once when I was ungrounded, I stepped right off a curb I didn’t know was coming and sprained my ankle. Another time, I fell off a 2″ high doormat which brought me surprisingly and suddenly to the ground, spraining the same ankle. (Yes, a 2″ high doormat that said “Peace” on it.)

Yet another time, in a truly ungrounded state, I fainted flat to the ground and still have the scar on my face to show for it. There have been others too, falls and stumbles that have shown me when my thoughts (and energy field) have floated into another realm and are not with the earth.

As a result, don’t you agree I’m uniquely qualified to discuss how to get grounded and the reasons why it’s important? As a psychically sensitive person, I’ve often had my awareness somewhere else. Over time, I’ve had to learn how to remain earthbound. Besides the falls, bloodied face, skinned knees, and sprained body parts, I was born with half of my birth chart planets in earth signs and zero in air. Astrology-minded readers will understand I was meant to be earthbound in this life despite my tendencies otherwise.

Now let’s talk about how to get grounded!

The first step is to pay attention to your physical body.

How does the chair feel that you are sitting in?
What do your feet feel like?
Are you ignoring any physical signs or symptoms? For example, are you thirsty?
Do you have pain or tightness in your body? An anxious feeling? By the way, most cases of anxiety I see in my practice are nothing more than a mental and energetic disconnect from the body.

Next, notice your breathing. This will bring you to a deeper awareness of your body.

Follow your breath.
Bring breath into your belly.
Slow it down.
Lengthen your breath.

Be aware of the subtle changes in nature.

Notice the weather.
What is happening in your natural environment?
Feel the breeze.
Watch the sunset.
Smell the earth’s scents.
Note how the sun feels.
Watch the trees lose leaves or change into their winter state.
Listen to sounds.
Return frequently to notice your own breathing and the weight of your body on the surface you’re sitting or standing on.

Connect with the earth.

Stand or sit for a few minutes with your bare feet on the earth. Scientific evidence shows that the earth balances your energy field. But you don’t need proof from science when you can just do it and see for yourself. Those of you in cold climates, visualize it. Imagine yourself as a big healthy tree with deep roots going into the earth. Check out more reasons to connect with the earth.

Eat earthy food

Hearty meals tend to be grounding: meats and root vegetables especially.

Stop, Feel, Listen, Notice

And finally, if you’re still needing some assistance, have an energy healing session with Dr. Christina Grant. I hear she’s had a lot of experience with it…

12 thoughts on “7 Ways to Get Grounded (& Why It’s Important)

  1. Judy Stone-Goldman

    I use reflective writing to ground myself, and lately I’ve been more able to bring in the breathing. It’s interesting you mention foods, particularly root vegetables, which I love. I think I’ve always been more attuned to emotional and mental grounding than physical, but I’ve started including the physical in my nightly review, where I look at how grounded I’ve been in the day. Thanks for sharing these tips, and I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself worse than you did!

    1. drchristinagrant Post author

      Thank you, Judy, for your comment and for sharing reflective writing as another way to become more grounded!

  2. Susan

    I appreciate this article. Groundedness is so important for goal setters. We can become completely engrossed in achieving — blocking out the here and now. I’m really working on that. Thanks.

    1. drchristinagrant Post author

      Thank you Susan. For some of us, achieving is fun and motivating, so I work on this too. (No falls in a few years for me, so it’s working so far!)

    1. drchristinagrant Post author

      I understand this Louise. When I work with clients I ground myself, too. Glad your post made it here and thanks for coming!

    1. drchristinagrant Post author

      Hi Deanna,

      I’m glad you don’t trip too! It’s been a few years since that’s happened, so I must be keeping my feet on the ground these days. I think the important thing is what you said: tuning into the feelings of being grounded or not. A key point.

    1. drchristinagrant Post author

      Hi Kimba and thank you for sharing as well. I like that as a mantra too. It reminds me of “Stop, look, & listen” which we were taught as 1st graders when crossing the street.

  3. Jen Duchene

    Great thoughts and shares on grounding. Funny I have a lot of earth in my astrology chart and yet was always in the clouds. Fortunately I have recognized my need to get grounded. I do a couple of things daily to keep the connection some of which you mention, including breath. I like the idea of focusing on eating to ground.

    1. drchristinagrant Post author

      Thank you for sharing Jen. Another thing I’ve thought is that the grounding planets allow us to bring the ethereal “down to earth” and also help communicate it.


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