Body Mind Spirit Wellbeing

ChristinaI’m dedicated to helping you live in alignment with your authentic nature. I support you to become more clear and confident in any area whether it be a physical or emotional imbalance, work-related concern, spiritual crisis, relationship issue, decision-making, or simply deepening your self-awareness and living with greater ease.

I blend intuitive counseling with energy balancing, using your astrological birth chart as the foundation. With a knack for seeing into the heart of things, I’ve helped thousands of people become physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually harmonious while illuminating the path of their own truth.

Contact me for a private session, either by phone or in person, for clarity on life circumstances, to resolve problems, clear energy and release ties, become more inwardly balanced, understand your relationships, or simply for Body Mind Spirit Wellbeing.

To learn more, go to Private Sessions. You can also read through Testimonials and visit my Holistic Woman blog to explore more about holistic wellness.


I live among the great Redwoods next to the Monterey Bay in Aptos, California where I see clients, write, and walk the beach with a big black dog named Rami. I travel, support the arts, and continually delve into all kinds of esoteric subjects.



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